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Nokia Symbian Belle 700 and 701 phones commence shipping


This announcement follows Nokia’s recent declaration about releasing three new handsets running on its new OS, Symbian Belle, in the third quarter of this year.
According to the tweet, various retailers are going to receive the said mobile phones within some days. Measuring only 110mm x 50.7mm x 9.7mm and weighing 96g, the Nokia 700 is said to be one of the smallest smartphones. Powered by a 1Ghz processor, it embeds a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen ClearBlack display. The handset features 2GB of internal memory which is capable of being expanded up to 34GB via microSD cards. It comes with single-tap NFC sharing and pairing capabilities. The latest smartphone equips a 5MP full focus camera with LED flash and enables video capture in HD.
The sleek Nokia 701 comes integrated with a 3.5-inch ClearBlack display. It lets users share content and stream audio wirelessly to headphones and NFC-enabled speakers. Based on the popular Nokia C7 design, the new handset also operates on a 1GHz processor and equips an 8MP full focus camera with dual LED flash and 2X digital zoom. This phone incorporates 8GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 40GB by installing a 32GB microSD card.

Engadget reports that the Nokia N9 will no longer be available for sale in Hong Kong. While no press release has been issued so far , Engadget received an email from Nokia Hong Kong stating that the phone will not be available in the region.The Nokia N9 is Nokia’s first MeeGo based smartphone. The device is powered by a 1Ghz processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM. The beauty of the phone lies in its simple interface called Swipe UI. Nokia had previously demoed regional apps like Sina which are popular in SE Asia so it is definitely surprising to see that the phone is not making its way to more Asian markets.

Simple, affordable Nokia 100 and 101 coming soon

After recently announcing a total of three new smartphones running on the freshly upgraded Symbian Belle operating system dubbed the Nokia 700, 701 and 600, the company is back to basics with two mobile phones, namely the Nokia 100 and 101. Out of these, the Nokia 101 is a dual-SIM type mobile phone.
Operating on the Series 30 OS, both these devices are designed to go easy on the pocket. Apart from the dual-SIM advantage in the 101, it also offers an MP3 player and up to 16GB expandable memory. The latter comes with the FM radio function, incorporated in 101 as well. You can sell my mobile phone at .

Both handsets can store in up to five individual phonebooks and also different personalization preferences, which makes it convenient to share them among family and friends. On the efficiency front, the batteries of these two models have a standby life of 25 days and can survive talk time of 6.7 hours.
For users who face a difficulty in clearly reading mobile phone screens, the icons arranged in a grid give an unambiguous indication of what they represent. A flashlight is also incorporated with these handsets, thus making them useful in emergency situations or otherwise. Along with these features, the Nokia offerings also come with pre-loaded games and 3.5mm AV connectors, making for compatibility with a vast variety of headsets.